“Within [the human] family each people preserves and expresses its own identity and enriches others with its gifts of culture.” — Saint John Paul II

Diversity Is at the Core of 㽶Ƶ University’s Identity

㽶Ƶ is committed to a diverse community based upon the teachings of the Church and our common belief that we are one human family, united in our humanity and enriched by our diversity.

We recognize and appreciate the unique gifts of all individuals no matter their backgrounds. Our differences should be mutually enriching and bring us into a deeper relationship with others, but too often they become the justification for domination, exploitation, separation, ridicule, and rejection. In Christ, God seeks to gather all people into a communion of love and truth.

As a University that seeks “to discover and impart the truth through excellence in teaching and research, all in service to the Church, the nation and the world,” we must examine and act when we encounter structures that perpetuate division among God’s family. These structures can be within our own institution, and in the larger Church, or in the society that we serve. We are called to serve all the children of God’s family.

We are called to practice everyday solidarity. Pope Francis has called this everyday commitment to solidarity “social love.” He has challenged us to be radically open to all — even those who are very different from ourselves. The University has a responsibility to assist students, faculty, and staff to grow in daily solidarity and to encourage this virtue in the structures of our community.

Resources and Policies of the University

㽶Ƶ University provides resources and policies to support diversity on campus and offer assistance.

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    Center for Cultural Engagement

    The Center for Cultural Engagement (CCE) advances 㽶Ƶ University’s commitment to a campus and a world that values every human being.

    Center for Cultural Engagement

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    Student Clubs and Organizations

    㽶Ƶ University has a variety of student clubs and organizations that foster a diverse community and culture of engagement on campus.

    Other Student Clubs and Organizations

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    Campus Ministry

    Campus Ministry welcomes all and provides spiritual guidance, programs, and support for the 㽶Ƶ University community, as well as other communities in need.

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    Global Strategies and International Scholar Services

    The Office of Global Strategies is committed to internationalizing the campus community and growing 㽶Ƶ University as a global research institution. International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS), a division of Student Affairs, promotes international educational exchange within the University, as well as to federal agencies and the world.

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    University Policies and Community Pledge

    The University outlines expected conduct and policies for students, staff, and faculty to follow.

    Our CommUNITY Pledge