Watch 㽶Ƶ's episode of "The College Tour"! Now streaming on Amazon Prime!

Hosted by Alex Boylan, "The College Tour" is a TV series in which each episode tells the story of a single college through the lens of its students. This episode showcases 㽶ƵU's campus and students as they share what they love about the university.

The episode is available on Amazon Prime, but you can also watch it here. Watch the full episode or the individual student clips below to learn more about 㽶ƵU's award-winning academics, beautiful campus, and warm community!

Starring the Following Students

Watch each student's individual segment from the full episode of "The College Tour" and learn why they love 㽶ƵU so much!

Check out this short conversation Alex Boylan had with President Kilpatrick about 㽶Ƶ University, and what makes this University a great place to go to college.

Alex Boylan also sat down with Mark Ciolli, Dean of Undergraduate Admission, to talk admissions at 㽶Ƶ University.

The College Tour, an Amazon Prime series, visits college campuses around the country, and through the eyes of 10 of its students, gives you a glimpse into life on campus.