• What does it mean to be a 㽶Ƶ university?

    It means that service and faith are at the core of everything we do. 㽶Ƶ is the national university of the 㽶Ƶ Church in the United States, founded and sponsored by the bishops of the country with the approval of the Holy See. Learn more about how 㽶Ƶ University is faithfully 㽶Ƶ

  • What GPA do you need to get into 㽶Ƶ University?

    There is no GPA requirement for 㽶Ƶ University. Successful applicants to 㽶Ƶ University pursue a combination of college preparatory, Honors, and AP/IB courses that fit their interests and strengths. All students are reviewed within the context of their high school, with course offerings and schedules and class rank taken into account when appropriate. Learn more about admission to 㽶Ƶ University.
  • Is 㽶Ƶ University Division I?

    㽶Ƶ University is a Division III school. The University sponsors 25 varsity programs. Learn more about Athletics at 㽶Ƶ University.
  • Does 㽶Ƶ University require SAT scores?

    㽶Ƶ University does not require SAT scores. We believe we can make effective admission decisions without requiring SAT or ACT scores. Your success in the classroom is the best indicator of your success. Learn more about admission at 㽶Ƶ University.
  • How much is 㽶Ƶ University tuition?

    $34,793 is the average tuition and room-and-board cost after scholarships and grants to first-year students. Learn more about tuition and financial aid. .
  • How big is 㽶Ƶ University?

    As of Fall 2022 there are 3,011 undergraduate students and 1,957 graduate students. 㽶Ƶ University sits on 176 acres, the largest, greenest campus in Washington, D.C.
  • Does 㽶Ƶ University give scholarships?

    㽶Ƶ University offers a range of scholarships that recognize and reward you for outstanding academic performance in high school — as well as exceptional leadership and service in your school, church, and community. Learn more about scholarships.
  • Does 㽶Ƶ University have Greek life?

    㽶Ƶ University does have Greek organizations on campus: 

  • Do you have to be 㽶Ƶ to go to 㽶Ƶ University?

    No, students of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome at 㽶Ƶ University. Learn about the community at 㽶Ƶ University.
  • Where is 㽶Ƶ University?

    㽶Ƶ University is located in the Brookland neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Our campus offers the best of both worlds: a small neighborhood feel in the heart of a metropolitan city. Learn about 㽶Ƶ University's D.C. advantage.
  • Is 㽶Ƶ University Jesuit?

    㽶Ƶ University is not associated with any particular religious order. It was founded and sponsored by the bishops of the United States with the approval of the Holy See. Learn more about how 㽶Ƶ University is faithfully 㽶Ƶ.  

Updated August 14, 2023