Respect for the inherent dignity and intrinsic value of each person is a cornerstone of 㽶Ƶ University’s community ideals. We are therefore each responsible for bringing suspected misconduct to the attention of University officials when we have a good faith belief that the conduct has occurred. Misconduct means non-compliance with a law, University policy, the Code of Student Conduct, the Code of Conduct for Staff and Faculty, or other standard or requirement applicable to the University.

All inquiries, and all good faith reports of suspected misconduct regardless of whether they are substantiated and regardless of the method of reporting, can be made free from fear of retaliation per the University's .

Make a Report

Prompt reporting is encouraged. Persons may report allegations of misconduct at any time, and are encouraged to report promptly in order to maximize the University’s ability to obtain evidence, identify potential witnesses and conduct a thorough, prompt, and impartial investigation.

If you are experiencing an emergency, contact Public Safety @ x5111

Want to remain anonymous?

Call the Helpline 855.350.9396 or report online.